• Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson joined by Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, Brian Regan and more in ‘Top Five’ trailer

    Rosario DawsonIn his directorial debut, Chris Rock calls in all the comedic favors he can and lines his upcoming film Top Five with a rogue’s gallery of talent. Brian Regan. Kevin Hart. JB Smoove. Tracy Morgan. Whoopi Goldberg. The list goes on and on and it’s hard not to put our money on this movie for being one of the funniest of the year.

    Taking on writing duties as well, Rock tells a semi-autobiographical story of jaded comedian Andre Allen. Allen, unlike Rock, is a washed up stand-up whose fame and fortune have outlived his love for the craft. Faced with a reality TV marriage and a quest for newfound dramatic notoriety, Rock meets a spunky head-half-shaved journalist in Rosario Dawson— and we smell a turning point!

    The trailer is filled with comedian after comedian, and we even catch a glimpse of stand-up mecca The Comedy Cellar. Throwing in with the likes of films like Funny People and The King of Comedy, Top Five looks to explore stand-up comedy through the eyes of one of the quintessential stand-up comedians and we couldn’t be happier. Comedy is hard to write about without waxing poetic, but after a great reception at the Toronto International Film Festival and the fact that it comes from an incisively funny mind like Rock’s, we’re all thinking this might be one of the more candid yet entertaining takes on the subject. Check out the trailer and see how many of the comedy royalty you can count. Top Five will have a limited release on Dec. 5 before opening wide on Dec. 12.

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    Rodrigo Torrejon

    Rodrigo Torrejon is a journalist/writer technically based out of New Jersey, but a New York native on Tinder. He loves medium-rare steak, the outdoors, but most of all, comedy. He also writes and curates a music and culture blog at thisisson.blogspot.com.

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