• Chris Rock Weighs in on Mayweather vs. Pacquiao For HBO Sports (Video)

    Chris Rock has worn many hats during his illustrious career: writer, producer, actor, director. But sports commentator? It maybe a new chapeau for his collection but it is one he wears very well.

    While being interviewed for HBO Sports recently, Chris Rock gave his take on the long awaited bout, set for May 2nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Always open and honest about his comedy, Rock is no different when it comes to his boxing analysis.

    “I’m going to pick Floyd [Mayweather],” he said. “Floyd has never been out of shape and I haven’t seen Floyd lose one round in like 15 years.”

    Rock, a HBO comedy special headlining staple, didn’t pull any punches when talking about Mayweather’s hesitation to get in the ring with the Filipino world champion boxer. “There’s a reason [Mayweather] has been avoiding this fight. He didn’t just not fight him because he was mad at Bob Arum or something…[it’s] the same reason Mike Tyson didn’t fight Riddick Bowe. And they are from the same neighborhood.”

    The Top Five star will have a chance to see if his prediction will come true this Saturday night. But until then, Rock is almost certain of the outcome of the bout that many are calling “The Fight of the Century.”

    “Even though I am picking Floyd,” Rock said. “I’ve never seen an athlete with that level of confidence not have it bite them in the ass at some point.” He added, “I wouldn’t be shocked if Pacquiao won, but I am going to pick Floyd.”

    Nicholas C. Martinez

    Nicholas C Martinez is a New York-based screenwriter, journalist and voice actor. His goal: to write a great Green Lantern movie. Follow him on Twitter @mongonyc. If you have a story idea or just want to send him a comment, shoot him an email.

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