• Comedian and Fallon writer Morgan Murphy breaks 'Lost' world record

    Comedian and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon writer, Morgan Murphy set a World Record for answering the most questions about the show Lost in two minutes. The twist is that the record she broke applied only to someone who’s never seen the show.

    She accomplished this feat at a World Record Appreciation Society event held at Joe’s Pub in New York City on May 25, answering a total of 19 genuine questions about Lost in the time allotted. Within the two minutes she managed to have one character die of AIDS and create a second asshole for another. One of Murphy’s answers wasn’t tallied due to the answer of “I don’t know,” not being valid.

    This leaves Murphy the World record holder for “Most Questions Answered About Lost in Two Minutes By Someone Who’s Never Seen The Show” at a total of 18. Beat that, people who have never watched Lost!

    Check out Murphy in action below!

    Want to know more about Morgan? Sure you do! Check out our interview with her now.

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