Comedian Butch Escobar destroys heckler in Chico, California: ‘This planet isn’t for you’ (Video)

Comedian Butch EscobarWhen a comedian destroys a heckler, an angel gets its wings— or something like that. More accurately, when a comedian destroys a heckler we here at Laughspin laugh our asses off because, well, justice. In our latest installment of “Hey, let’s post videos of hecklers getting what they deserve,” allow us to submit this tasty piece of video footage. Here, you’ll find comedian Butch Escobar onstage as part of the Pawns of Comedy at the Blue Room Theater in Chico, CA.

According to the intro of the video, “Throughout one of the shows, a particular audience member wouldn’t stop heckling the performers. Headliner Butch Escobar didn’t like that. He proceeded to destroy the heckler for almost 20 minutes to open his set.” At one point during Escobar’s delightful tirade, the heckler has the balls to ask, what sounds like, “Why are you laying it on me, bro?” Escobar kindly responds: “Because you won’t shut the fuck up. This is a comedy show. One mic. One guy. A stage. People listen, they laugh, and go home.”

Escobar’s stream of consciousness retaliation eventually gets a little trippy. “This planet isn’t for you,” Escobar says, “so we should donate you to science and find a way to launch you into outer space so that you could look for that stupid planet for us, so we know to bomb that planet at some point, so people like you can never come back to fuck up comedy shows for us again.”

Check out the full video below! And if you want to read about and watch more hecklers eating it, might we suggest you check out this video of comedian Darren Frost or this story about a heckler ending up a bloody mess or how this comedian dealt with getting kneed in the groin or this video list of six of our favorite heckler moments.

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