• Comedian Dan Levy is late for class; check out his new Atom.com videos

    If you like comedy and love the Internet, you probably know, or at the very least, recognize stand-up comedian Dan Levy. He’s starred in and hosted about 45,000 Web-based programs. And he’s good at it. The latest example of Levy goodness is his pair of videos for Atom.com: Laugh Track Mashups: Late for Class. In short, the videos are a parody of 1990s High School sit-coms (Saved By the Bell meets After School Special maybe?).

    In the first part of episode one, We find Dan hanging out with his bad-news friend Snake. Snake, played by comedian James Adomian, has been feeding him pills and cocaine telling him to get high instead of studying for class. Dan’s friends start to get concerned when he forgets to meet with them at the movies and announces that he has quit the basketball team. Not for the easily disturbed. Watch below.

    In the even more chilling episode two, Dan tries to redeem himself by attending a study group at Kate’s house. Dan shows up high on cocaine and pills to the study group and his friends end up trying to talk him through his drug problem. We’re not going to promise a happy ending. You’re just going to have to watch.

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