• Comedian Dylan Avila returns to stage after suffering skull fractures in brutal attack (Photos)

    Dylan AvilaDylan Avila, the comedian who sustained multiple skull fractures after being brutally beaten with a baseball bat while on stage, will make his return to performing on Jan. 17 at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, where he’ll open for Craig Gass. Avila was extremely lucky to make it out of the attack without brain damage. Of course, the fellow comedians and audience members who rushed the stage to help Avila and to subdue the attacker certainly helped.

    While the married father of three was hosting his recurring open mic night at Local 907 on Jan. 5 in Renton, WA, disgruntled open mic comedian Steven Baldwin, 48, attacked Avila with an aluminum baseball bat. With the help of 10 named witnesses, Baldwin was eventually charged with first degree assault and is currently being held at the Regional Justice Center in King County, WA on $255,000 bail, according to inmate records and police officials. According to police reports just acquired by Laughspin, Baldwin had performed as “Jesus Christ” multiple times at the open mic and was told not to return.

    “That subject did a routine as if he was Jesus Christ with a bible and a dildo,” reads the investigation report from the Renton Police Department. “The next open mic night the subject showed up and did the same act again. Due to the act at the next open mic Dylan was able to talk with the subject and told him he could not do that act. The subject said he thought he was Jesus Christ. The subject asked if Dylan was the owner of the bar and Dylan responded that he knows the owners and they would agree to kick him out of the bar. The subject left without incident.” Sometime between then and Jan. 5, it seems Baldwin decided to create an incident. Though it turns out, the people of Renton, WA aren’t going to sit on their hands when one of their own is getting brutalized.

    Steven Baldwin“I looked down and could see the male was wearing a gray shirt with blood on the left side of his shirt,” one officer wrote in his report about Baldwin (pictured to the right) “The male was also wearing black rubber gloves, which I thought was odd and black “BDU” [Battle Dress Uniform] style pants… I could see the male’s right eye was mostly swollen shut and bruising. There were several small swollen bumps on the top of his forehead. He also had blood inside his mouth and on his lip. I asked the male where he was injured and he told me nothing was broken and he had been kicked in the head and face several times.”

    Police reports reveal that Baldwin has, in the past, been charged with making threats “against the President or Vice President of the United States” and that he’s not followed through on mental health treatments. Officials concluded that Baldwin “is a clear threat to the community.”

    Avila’s friends immediately rallied to his support, launching a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $23,000 as of this writing. The Local 907 is also hosting a benefit show on Jan. 19 to help Avila and his family pay hospital bills.

    “Getting my staples out. Then shampooing my head for the first time since.” Avila tweeted today. “Big Day.”

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