• Comedian gets kneed in the groin on stage by professional wrestler (Video)

    I’ve seen a lot of comedian-vs-heckler situations both in person and online. But this is certainly a new spin. While he was headlining a show on Jan. 18 at Hampton’s Vaudeville Café in Chattanooga, TN comedian Grant Lyon was kneed in the groin by a professional wrestler. By the way, professional wrestling is sometimes believed to have descended from Vaudevillian theaters…so maybe this was destiny?

    Anyway, the wrestler in question is “Nature Boy” Paul Lee, who wrestles locally out of Ringgold, GA, which is about 25 minutes from the comedy club. It seems Lee had a bunch of drinks and was feeling – like all hecklers – that they needed to be part of the show. Here’s what went down.

    I chatted with both Lee and Lyon to get more info and to make sure this wasn’t a set up for the Internet’s amusement. It was real. “We were just clowning around and he was pretty cool,” Lee tells Laughspin, adding, “We just went with it. No problem.”

    Understandably, Lyon wasn’t amused. “I was legitimately angry when he kneed me, which is why you don’t hear me say anything for like 10 seconds,” Lyon tells Laughspin. “I was considering throwing a punch, but I knew I’d get destroyed.”

    Clearly, Lee thought the whole situation was a bit of a joke. Note to hecklers: You are not part of the show. Sit down and show some respect!

    “That’s what he does for a living as a wrestler – kneeing people and clowning around — so of course he thought it was all a joke,” Lyon says. “I, however, do not do that for a living. It was fun enough for me messing with him in the audience, though it gets annoying when you have to address the same table after every joke, but it ceased to be a joke once he walked on stage.”

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    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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