Comedian Jeannette Rizzi bringing BLINDSIDED to New York on Saturday, January 21

Comedian Jeannette Rizzi will star in a special performance of her solo show Blindsided at 8 pm on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 at Actors Theatre Workshop in Manhattan. Tickets ($25 each) are now available at

As raw as it is funny, Blindsided is a personal journey about an all-American teen growing up in rural Florida who is devastated about her best friend Katie’s suicide. The daughter of a former monk and former nun (yes, really), Jeannette – only 17 at the time, was charged with delivering her best friend’s eulogy in front of hundreds of mourners and, worse, living the rest of her life with her own debilitating suicidal thoughts. Ultimately hopeful and uplifting, Blindsided finds Jeannette fully capable of laughing at herself and constantly finding the hilarious side of her situation.

Blindsided is being presented by, the long-running comedy news and features site and its founder Dylan Gadino.

The Actors Theatre Workshop is located at 145 West 28th Street, 3rd floor.

Jeannette is available for print and online interviews; radio, television and podcast appearances and as guest writing opportunities for select publications.


What do you get when a monk and a nun do the Holy Nasty?

This isn’t so much the set-up to a terrible joke  though it could be  but rather the origin story of Jeannette Rizzi comedian, storyteller, force of nature.

After retiring from their religious posts and leaving life in Brooklyn, NY, Jeannette’s parents settled in the rural town of Alachua, FL to lead a simpler farm life among the cows. But Jeannette had other plans. By the age of 23, Jeannette found her own calling in comedy and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.

Inspired by the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Whoopi Goldberg and yes, even Cher, Jeannette started hitting comedy stages in earnest, eventually finding success beyond LA. She snagged accolades at Floridas Funniest Comedian competition, the Time Warner On Demand Comedy Contest, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, the Tickled Pink Comedy Contest and more.

Jeannette was also a featured comedian at the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival and earned the honor of hosting the Ovarian Cancer Circles Happily Ever Laughter event.

For the last few years, Jeannette has been performing her one-woman show Blindsided at comedy clubs, theaters and schools. Emboldened by the suicide of her best friend, the show is about finding hope during seemingly hopeless times. Blindsided showcases Jeannette’s deft character work, her willingness to share all aspects of her life and her unique ability to connect with an audience.

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