• Comedian Jen Kirkman gets drunk, drops some history for Funny Or Die with Will Ferrell

    How did we ever get through our high school History classes without Funny Or Die’s series Drunk History? We got through them pretty well, actually, because we weren’t distracted nearly enough. Right now, if we were in History class, we’d totally be watching the latest installment of said series on our flippin’ iPhones not giving a rat’s butt what that jag-off teacher was yammering on about in front of the dry erase board (they don’t use blackboards anymore, right?)! And that way, we’d know more about comedy than History and we’d be forced to launch a site that covers comedy instead of knowing shit.

    Ok, well the latest installment of the always-funny series stars one of our favorite comedians Jen Kirkman; as is required, she gets tanked and then waxes all historical on us. And Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle show up to act out her narration. Enjoy!

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