Comedian Ralphie May admits, ‘I’m really messed up’ and enters rehab

Comedian Ralphie May has made good on the promise he made Oct. 1 through Twitter to enter a rehab facility to get help with his weight and mind. And although his wife, musical comedian Lahna Turner says he’d rather be home than in the Malibu facility, “It seems to be helping, somewhat. He seems to be getting better. But he doesn’t want to be there. That’s the honest truth.”

Turner gave the update on the the latest episode of the couple’s podcast The Perfect 10, which opened with a phone call to Johnny Dare of 98.9 FM in Kansas City, recorded the day after May’s announcement. May gives listeners a better explanation as to why he felt he needed to take this step. “I’m 400-something pounds and I’m tired. I’m in a ton of pain, but I’m really tired,” he begins. “We’re taking positive steps. I announced it last night on Twitter. I’m going to a mental place. I’m going to work on my mind and go through all of the stuff that messed me up— as a kid, growing up. Lahna can fill you in.”

“Look, comedians aren’t cut from silk,” May continues. “I’m really funny which means I’m really messed up. I’ve got like three dates that I have to take a break and go do because I’ll get sued. It’s a Vegas date, but I don’t drink so Vegas has never been a big problem for me. I’m going into a 45 day thing, down in San Diego [Turner says he’s in Malibu, so plans must have changed]. I’m trying to get a grip on this and make my life better because my wife and children deserve a husband that doesn’t hurt all the time and can be more active and get control over my weight. I think if I fix my head, the weight will follow. That’s what I’m working on. That’s what’s important to me.”

The dates May is talking about are Oct. 26 through 28 at the South Point Casino. His next shows after that will be at Stand Up Live in Phoenix from Dec. 28 through Dec. 31. Some of his canceled shows are already starting to be rescheduled. You can check out his tour page here for updates. We wish Ralphie, Lahna and his family the best.

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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