• Comedians send up Kate Gosselin and others in video parody

    Have you seen Kate Plus Eight? Have you seen the even more ridiculous 19 Kids and Counting?

    Now get prepared for Kid Farm! Kid Farm is a hilarious spoof of the TLC shows that have invaded popular culture about families that have way too many kids then anyone thought was humanly or financially possible. Created by the comedic minds of Pete Holmes, Oren Brimer, and Jamie Lee— who you may recognize from the most recent episode of Last Comic Standing.

    You get to see inside the world of the Engvalls as they raise their 17 (18?) kids with help from their friend JP – played by Matt McCarthy, who you can catch live as part of Punchline Magazine’s and Carolines Break-out Artist Comedy Series in New York.

    Kid Farm from FrontPage Films on Vimeo.

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