Comedy Central adds Chris Distefano, Julian McCullough to podcast roster

Comedy Central is pulling from its talent base to expand its reach in podcasting. On Wednesday, the network announced two new podcasts: Stand-Up w/ Chris Distefano and Your 2 Dads w/ Sean and Julian. DiStefano previously signed an overall deal with the comedy cable channel.

The two shows will add to CC’s global podcast network. That platform originally launched in 2017 with The Jim Jefferies Show Podcast. Despite a wealth of proprietary content to work with, to-date the network only includes a small slate of podcasts from The Daily Show, Roast Battle, Nikki Glaser, Big Jay Oakerson, and Anthony Jeselnik.

According to a poll released earlier this year, two-thirds of Americans listen to podcasts “at least once in a while,” while last year, a majority of Americans did not listen to any. For 18-34 year-olds, almost 30% now listen to podcasts “a few times a week.”

Considering the vast potential audience, it is no surprise that Comedy Central is devoting more resources to the medium. Some of the largest players in podcasting are other huge media companies such as NPR. Everyone is hoping to capture another success similar to Serial. The medium is also much cheaper to produce than, say, video content which every media company seems to be pouring money into.

Comedy Central compete in crowded podcast field

As Comedy Central expands its content, it will compete in the already-crowded field of comedy podcasts. Conan O’Brien recently launched a podcast with Earwolf and already scored huge guests such as Michelle Obama. Will Ferrell is doing a podcast with iHeartRadio as his infamous character Ron Burgundy. New comedy podcasts are competing with preexisting powerhouses such as The Joe Rogan Experience and WTF with Marc Maron.

Distefano’s podcast, which dissects classic stand-up bits, launches April 18. Sean O’Connor and Julian McCullough’s weekly podcast, which focuses on parenting from the dad’s perspective, launches May 20.

Mary Stevens

Mary Stevens is a stand-up comedy enthusiast. She is a huge fan of live stand-up comedy and produces a show in her backyard in Hermosa Beach, CA. Her show has featured comics from Netflix, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime and SNL, as well as up-and-coming comics. She is active on Twitter and Instagram @hermosabchmary.

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