Comedy Central sketch show proposes a White Tax on racism

Chicago-based sketch group 3Peat wants racists to pay in their new sketch, White Tax. The sketch, released as a Comedy Central Digital Original, has the group playing Steve Jobs-like characters at new product launch. They describe the next big thing as “a timely and elegant penalty for people who do racist stuff.”

The group behind the sketch began when several improvers from The Second City and the iO Theater were tired of being the only minority on their teams and joined forces to create a new group to celebrate comedy and Black excellence. The large group features Allison Blair, SNL star Chris Redd, Dewayne Perkins, John Thibodeaux, Lisa Beasley, Nnamdi Ngwe, Patrick Rowland, Torian Miller, and Shantira Jackson. The group’s sketches often examine race, social ills, insufferable people, and what it means to be Black.

Comedy Central building its YouTube content

group photo of 3PeatComedy Central is building a library of original digital content in a recommitment to web series since its cc: studios days. While 3Peat has worked with Comedy Central before, White Tax is the first of a season that will air on CC’s YouTube channel weekly. Last year, 3Peat’s video for Comedy Central, The Blackening, achieved viral status and made fans hungry for more. 3Peat isn’t the only CC original to recently premiere. Sex Fails, Mini-Mocks, Comedians Solve World Problems, and 7 Minutes in Heaven are all digital content in their first season.

While many of the new digital originals are interview or storytelling-based, 3Peat is pure sketch comedy. Even though the sketch is talking about a serious topic, the group mixes pure silliness into the sketch. Between each instance of someone being taxed for their racism, the group whispers “white tax” in hilarious and absurdist ways. White Tax will have you laughing and thinking about race.

White Tax is episode one of the first season of 3Peat with more promised to come out on Mondays. You can watch the full sketch below.

Rosa Escandon

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