• Comedy Central teams up with KFC for David Koechner web series (Video)

    KFC and Comedy Central have teamed up for an original Web series and contest, which has been titled Growing Up And Getting Out. The series follows comedian Michael Palascak as a 20-something who moves back in with his parents after graduating college, much like 85 percent of his classmates. (I hope you didn’t hear my heavy sigh through this article or last night’s fried chicken dinner, now cold, as I type from my parents’ kitchen.) Huh?

    Oh, sorry.

    David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office) plays Michael’s dad who has turned Michael’s old room into a “thinking space” (namaste!) and Mo Collins (MadTV) plays his mom. Steve Rannazzisi of The League hosts the whole thing.

    So, where does the contest come in? Well, each week fans are asked to share pictures and stories about moving back in with their parents over at freereentcontest.com where the show is hosted. At the end of the contest, which ends Aug. 20, five winners will receive rent for the year in the form of $12,000 cash. Some math here: if you’re renting an apartment that’s under $1,000 that should cover you for a year. Winners will also receive an additional $500, $600 in KFC chicken checks (only applicable to KFC products or KFC catering). Winners are encouraged to give at least $100 of the prize money to their parents.

    The show’s tagline reads, “If bite-size chicken can grow up, so can you!” drawing our attention to the mascot of the series, KFC bite-size chicken. They’re like if fried chicken was boneless. But it’s not boneless fried chicken. They’re bite-sized chicken that you can shove easily in your mouth while you are too busy to take multiple bites because you’re unemployed. So if I think about this literally which KFC and Comedy Central most likely don’t want me to do, the tagline means that this new generation of recent grads was once a bunch of happy-go-lucky processed chicken nuggets and now that we’re making the transition into the real world, as chicken nuggets we need to make the transformation into bite-sized fried chicken covered in a crispy, delicious batter of malaise. I don’t think I fully understand because I haven’t completed my transition into a KFC bite-sized chicken bite yet.

    Regardless of my bad analysis of their fried chicken metaphor, I think this is a very nice and timely thing KFC and Comedy Central are pairing up to do. Check out the first episode of the show below, featuring Koechner’s thighs.


    Samantha Simon

    Samantha is a writer, musician, person living in New York City. She enjoys cooking and talking about her mom. Follow her on Twitter: @smoochiecoochie.

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