• Comedy club suing television show “Glee”

    A comedy club in Oxford, England is taking legal action against Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment because of the show Glee. The comedy club—the Glee Club—was opened in 1994, and the name was trademarked in 2001. According to the Oxford Mail, the club’s owner says, “There is significant and mounting evidence that there is confusion in the minds of the public, that we are somehow associated with or connected to the TV show and that we might provide an entertainment experience of that nature.”

    As a result, the owner claims, his target market is not showing up, and his business is going down the tubes. Interesting argument, sir. Glee strikes again!

    Daniel Berkowitz

    Daniel Berkowitz is a Los Angeles-based graduate student focused on nonfiction writing, popular culture and advancing standup comedy's place in the academic realm. He's currently working on a book about how comedy affects democracy. He also really likes baseball.

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