• Comedy kibbles and bits: morning links about funny shit

    There was a lot of comedy thingies from yesterday that we couldn’t get to posting– or maybe there were things that didn’t derserve its own post. So here are a bunch of links. You love links.

    Robin Williams
    Robin Williams

    Robin Williams was on The View yesterday to promote the big fancy Broadway show he’s in; I think he’s playing Grizzly Adams or someshit. [AOL]

    Justin Timberlake announced on Twitter yesterday that he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live‘s season finale; he also implied that he’d be reuniting with Jessica Biel and having sex with her on camera during the taping. That’s how I read his tweet, anyway. [HuffPo]

    In honor of 4/20, the pot head holiday going down today, Yowie will host two streaming shows today (4:20 pm PT and 11 pm PT featuring comedians Jimmy Dore, Steve Agee, Matt Besser and more! [Yowie]

    All you Running Wilde fans can dry your tears. The show got the ax earlier this year, but FX will roll out the final four episodes. [Hollywood Reporter]

    This Friday, HBO premieres their special Talking Funny with Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld. Those fuckers at TV Squad got this sweet exclusive preview. [TV Squad]

    In this video, Will Ferrell threatens to murder Conan O’Brien’s pets. Or something like that. [Team Coco]

    Denis Leary announced he’s hitting the road for a short live tour titled Thinning the Herd. [Denis Leary]

    The first photos of Aziz Ansari’s new flick 30 Minutes Or Less have surfaced. Holy shit. Photos! [First Showing]

    Alec Baldwin will host something-or-other having to do with the New York Philharmonic in June. [Broadway World]

    Remember that Beastie Boys movie trailer chock full o’ comedians we posted? Well, the short film airs tonight at midnight. [IFC]

    Dylan P. Gadino

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