• Comedy shows once again pick up the slack for mainstream news (Infographic)

    For a long time now, late night television audiences have grown to trust shows like The Daily Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to provide them with an accurate summary of the day’s news. And there’s nothing wrong with learning about the smaller stories through an opening monologue or a bit on The Colbert Report. But when our country’s comedians are the only ones covering a major speech by the president of the United States? That’s a problem. Climateprogress.org, the ThinkProgress site devoted to environmental news, tweeted an infographic illustrating the coverage given to President Obama’s June 25 speech on climate change. According to their research, the speech received no time on Meet The Press, Fox News, ABC’s This Week, CBS’ Face The Nation and State of the Union. Luckily, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show and Late Show with David Letterman squeezed this bit of important news into their shows.

    climate change


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    Sonia Weiser

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