‘Community’ may move to Hulu Plus! Will Greendale live on streaming service?

Community lives! Maybe! Deadline.com reports that Hulu is in talks with Sony Pictures Television, which produced the show, for more original episodes of the cult favorite comedy series. After NBC cancelled Community earlier this month, creator Dan Harmon was less than enthusiastic about the show getting picked up by Netflix, Hulu or another online streaming service. “There was brief discussion at the end of the call [with producer Sony Pictures Television] about the concept of the show living elsewhere, and I was definitely in the ‘eh’ column,” he posted to his Tumblr. When thousands of fans of the series took to the Internet to demand that Netflix resuscitate the show like it did with Arrested Development, the video streaming giant said that a pickup would not be possible.

Discussions with Hulu are still in the very early stages, but its premium service Hulu Plus has been revving up their original content development to compete with Netflix. Sony already has a deal with Hulu giving it the rights to stream old episodes of the series, which will now only live on television through a syndication deal with Comedy Central. The legalities of producing a new season to join its past ones should be pretty simple for Sony and Harmon. With over 6 million subscribers, Hulu Plus is far behind leader Netflix and Amazon Prime, with over 34 million and over 20 million subscribers, respectively. Turning Community into its Arrested Development would certainly garner the loyalty of Greendale Community College’s many ardent fans.

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