• Curb Your Enthusiasm brings on Michael J. Fox to guest star

    Michael J. FoxIf you ask us, any shred of news — as tiny as it might be — about the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is much-wanted. So, we were thrilled when we saw Michael J. Fox has confirmed he’d be guesting on the HBO powerhouse comedy helmed by Larry David.

    TV Guide got the scoop, reporting that Fox will play himself in episode 10. Fox told TV Guide that Larry believes Fox is only showing symptoms of is Parkinson’s disease to annoy him.

    “He’s complaining because I’m shuffling and making noise upstairs. It’s very funny,” Fox says.

    Fox’s television father from his says on Family Ties, Michael Gross will also appear in an episode of the new season of Curb. New episodes start July 10 on HBO.

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