Daily Show star discovers drag persona with Bob the Drag Queen

Jaboukie Young-White doing comedy on The Tonight ShowJaboukie Young-White got a full drag makeover from Bob The Drag Queen—and he slayed. The two got together for a video for the queer magazine them to live their drag fantasies and deliver a few laughs. The 11-minute video features the two talking about being queer, coming out, doing comedy, and what PC culture means to them all while Bob beats Young-White’s face for the gods.

A correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Young-White also acts with notable roles in Rough Night, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Crashing. While the young comedian seems to do it all, Young-White reveals in the video that he has never done drag before.

Bob The Drag Queen is a New York City-based drag queen who is best known for winning Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since winning Drag Race in 2016, Bob has released the comedy special Suspiciously Large Woman and started the comedy podcast called Sibling Rivalry with fellow RuPaul alum, Monet X Change.

Bob shares that he started drag to get more attention doing stand-up comedy and even teases that you can watch his first set online shot at New York Comedy Club.

Jaboukie Young-White, Bob the Drag Queen bond over comedy, queerness

The two bond over being queer and doing comedy. They get serious about coming out and how the media impacts the queer community. On a funnier note, Bob gets personal with Young-White asking if he is on Grindr (sorry boys, he is not) and if he considers himself a twink.

Bob manages to sneak in a few drag tips into the video like how you can fake a tuck and how socks can be used to make fake breasts.

In the end, Young-White fully transforms and looks drop-dead gorgeous complete with wig, skirt, jewelry, and a full face of make-up.

You can watch the full video below.

Rosa Escandon

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