Daily Show ‘senior gay sports correspondent’ thinks Jason Collins missed an opportunity (Video)

As I’m sure you know by now, Jason Collins, the incredible teammate for many NBA players, and supremely mediocre scorer, came out on Monday. This marks a huge revolution and giant step in the realm of the sports world and its notorious close-mindedness On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart complimented the athlete for his bravery and showed clips of other celebrities, politicians and athletes that have publicly supported his courage (“bravery” and “courage” are two words being tossed around like a failed Tebow pass, so I thought I’d join the trend).

But then there are others who are condemning Collins for his “sinful act” of coming out, which is completely absurd, because they’re missing out on the apex of scrutiny: Collins was a member of the Washington Wizards, one of the biggest embarrassments an athlete can endure. Check out the video below, which features commentary from Jason Jones, the newly named senior gay sports correspondent, who thought Collins could’ve come out with a bit more flair.

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Zach Buckner

Zach Buckner is an aspiring comedy writer from New York (no, not the city; right outside, but who's counting?). In his spare time you can find Zach eating Chinese, eating sushi, eating sandwiches, or just plain eating (he's severely obese), or you'll find him on the basketball court practicing his dream shake, which always ends in embarrassment for one of the players (usually Zach).

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