• Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase are writing a comedy flick

    Dan Aykroyd announced on his Facebook page that he’ll be working with fellow Saturday Night Live alum and Community co-star actor Chevy Chase on a new comedy film script. The pair worked together previously in 1991 on Aykroyd’s critically panned directorial debut Nothing But Trouble (see video below). While Chase has seen recent success on the NBC comedy, Aykroyd has been out of the public eye for quite some time not doing much of note besides distilling Crystal Head Vodka.

    “Cannot say too much about the concept, but the joy of working with him again is one that I am extremely excited about,” Aykroyd said. “Chevy is one of my favorite people, and one of the great anarchistic and physically committed comedians in the business.” We can’t help but wonder if this is the new Vacation script Chase was talking about last summer.

    Hopefully, Aykroyd will have more luck on this new project with Chase that he’s had with his effort to resurrect the Ghostbusters franchise. Despite his attempts, Aykroyd has yet to make headway due in part to another SNL alum Bill Murray refusing to sign on. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see what exactly happens with this new project from the pair. If things move forward with some success, expect the youth to start tweeting “#whoisdanaykroyd.”

    Chelsea Dallas Falato

    Chelsea spends her days employed by a small entertainment company in New Jersey making mix CDs while listening to comedy podcasts. Her nights are spent watching more television than any one person should. Also, she's on Twitter (@chelseadallas).

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