Dane Cook on Tinder, Robert Downey Jr, Troublemaker and more! (Laughspin Podcast)

Dane Cook has been in the comedy business for nearly 25 years and by his own account he’s the happiest he’s ever been— both personally and professionally. That’s one of the many things he chatted about with Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino on the latest episode of The Laughspin Podcast. With the premiere of his latest hour-long stand-up comedy special Troublemaker on Showtime this past weekend, Cook is more excited than ever about his life in comedy. During the episode of The Laughspin Podcast, Cook also talks about his friendship with Jerry Lewis, dealing with the death of his parents, therapy, how he became pen pals with someone who hates his guts and so much more. You can listen to the full episode below and check out some written excerpts as well. You can also check out The Laughspin Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

You’ll also want to peep the exclusive Dane Cook photos shot by Greg Pallante. You can check out more of his work here.

On romantic relationships
I realized something about myself recently. I was dating this girl. I’m not anymore. But in terms of how things go into the [comedy] routine. She said to me one day as I was just kind of staring at her from across the room, she goes, ‘Can I ask you a question, Dane? Are you watching me or are you observing me?’ And I was like, ‘Wow, I am observing you.’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, I can tell.’ And she knew at that point that most of this was just for mining for what will possibly be [new material]. I think sometimes when I feel like a relationship is at its final act, I don’t just man up and go, ‘Listen, it’s over.’ I kind of let it play out for the material. And she caught on to it. She’s the first woman who was like, ‘Got it! Alright, well thanks, Dane.’

Dane Cook on The Laughspin Podcast

On why he’s on Tinder
I’m on Tinder. If there’s one thing you know about me I will use tech in any way to promote. And once I knew Tinder was the thing, I was like ‘How can I use this to my advantage?’ So I got on Tinder and I put my Troublemaker ad on it. And was like, good. Now everyone in the circumference that’s searching, they’re seeing me. And maybe it’s a subliminal thing like, Dane Cook? Why is he on here? Oh, the special? Ok. And then I break up and I’m not with my girl anymore and I’m going to see what the power of Tinder really is. I wanted to really find out how people behaved on it so I can start putting it in the routine because I’m doing a whole chunk on it now. But I wanted to do it from the inside. I wanted to use this.

Dane Cook and Dylan Gadino on The Laughspin Podcast

On why everyone loves Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr was sleeping in a neighbor’s little kid’s bed on black tar heroin. And you know what’s amazing? Not only the fact that he came back. He is a genius. Robert Downey Jr is a great actor. But the fact is this: The reason we love Robert Downey Jr. is because of that. It’s because he survived that. The reason he’s an interesting human being and character in films is because of that. The reason we love Kim Kardashian is because that’s all of us. Everyone’s got deviant stuff. Sometimes people film it. So we live vicariously through them and we hero worship them simply because we’re doing that.

Dane Cook and Dylan Gadino

On dealing with tragedy
I realized with some time that everything good in my life came on the heels of something that was really brutal, something really rough. It went back to when I started exploring being a kid. I had a really unhealthy family atmosphere. There were some things I thought were healthy until the last few years when I was like, ‘Oh, shit. That’s not how parents and kids…that’s not a working relationship.’ There are certain things I needed to peel back.

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