Daughter of Ardie Fuqua, critically injured in Tracy Morgan crash, wants TMZ to remove gruesome video

The comedy community continues to hope for the full recoveries of comedians Tracy Morgan and Ardie Fuqua, who remain in the hospital following a horrific car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that took the life of Morgan’s friend and writer James McNair early Saturday morning. Fuqua was opening for Morgan on Friday night at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Delaware and remains in critical condition with Morgan. Morgan’s assistant Jeffrey Millea is also still hospitalized. In an unfortunate case of tragedy porn, entertainment site TMZ has released a video they obtained of the wreckage post-crash, including people trying to pull the comedians from the turned-over vehicle. Fuqua’s daughter, Krizya, took to Instagram in hopes of putting pressure on the website to take down the tasteless video (Laughspin is not linking out to the TMZ video, although it is easy to find on their website; we’ll let your conscience decide that one).

Photo by Corey Melton

In the quick-to-click culture of the Internet, we often forget about the family members of victims in “shocking” and “unbelievable” videos of human tragedies. People like Krizya, who has also grown up calling the 30 Rock star “Uncle Tracy”, are the ones who have to suffer the blow over and over any time TMZ or another news outlet Tweets out the footage, which offers nothing more to this story other than a visual of a turned over limo that we know contains severely injured people and one dead human being. Is it really necessary? Fuqua is a popular and beloved New York City comedian who hosts every week at the infamous Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. Sometimes we need to resist the urge to digitally rubberneck and let the fallen recover without having to be reminded of the carnage they experienced when they log onto Facebook.

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Billy Procida

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