• Dave Chappelle on CNN calls for more ‘cultural sensitivity’ and says comedians should ‘listen more’ (Video)

    Dave Chappelle is in the news again for talking about Donald Trump. CNN released a clip of Van Jones’s Saturday night interview with the iconic stand-up comedian.

    Sitting down with Jones, Chappelle revisits comments he made about giving Donald Trump “a chance” shortly after the 2016 election when hosting SNL. Many at the time were outraged and dismissive of the comments and Chappelle now regrets them as well. In the interview, he concedes, “I don’t like talking bad about the president. I said we should give him a chance because he’s the president of the United States now. What choice do I have?”

    CNN shows a new side to Dave Chappelle

    The interview features a side of Chappelle that is seldom seen. He seems more restrained than the larger-than-life demeanor he brings to the stage. Maryland Gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous, who also appears in the clip, tries to chime in saying that Chappelle had already apologized for those comments. At that moment, the Half Baked star reverts to the Chappelle we’re used to as he replies, “Well, I don’t ever apologize. I said ‘I shouldn’t have said that shit.’”

    Chappelle also told the CNN host that even if he gave Trump a chance in the past, the chances may be all used up. The “rhetoric of his presidency is repugnant,” he says. “I just don’t like the way he talks. We’re living in a time where there’s got to be more cultural sensitivity.” Chappelle seems restrained. Even his disapproval of Trump is carefully worded.

    Dave Chappelle admits he needs to “listen more”

    The Grammy-winning comedian also examines his own comedy’s political incorrectness. “Even a guy like me that’s just writing jokes, I have to listen more than I’ve ever had to listen ’cause the gripes is coming so fast and furious, and I’m not dismissive of people’s gripes. Might sound like it on stage, but I listen.” Chappelle has previously been criticized for jokes by the LGBTQ community and especially the trans community. Still, he believes that Trump needs to listen to his detractors instead of talking to a “small choir.”

    The full interview will air Saturday, October 13 at 7:00pm ET on CNN. See the preview here:

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