Dave Waite: “Kaboom” (Review)

About halfway through Kaboom (available July 19), comedian Dave Waite pointedly declares, “I need a hobby.” Virtually obsessed with “ladies,” “titty bars” and all things porn, the Cincinnati native’s 41-and-a-half minute debut album covers a variety of topics, ranging from former jobs to a more-than-interesting social life to how his parents threatened to sell him to gypsies if he didn’t do his homework.

These premises are comedic goldmines, but overall Waite doesn’t seem to follow through enough. That is, he sets himself up more often than not for a great bit, but ends up not mining the material for all it’s worth.

Kaboom has a lot of great ideas and even some truly shining moments, but these gems are few. The material lacks the polish most people are accustomed to when listening to a comedy album.

Roughly five or six times during the album, Waite finds himself either explaining a joke or apologizing for it. On “Real Life Pants Party,” Waite ends the bit by saying, “If you get that joke later, call my cell phone and laugh into it.”

He shortly follows this up by exclaiming, “You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me at this point in the show, I imagine.” This line really cuts to the heart of what doesn’t work on the album: Waite relies too heavily on the power and awkwardness of his personality and not enough on the strength of his material.

Dave Waite — “Less Talk, More Dance” by dgadino

That said, Waite obviously has a lot of frustration built up and when he lets it out, it’s pretty hilarious. As a Delta Airlines employee, he was forced to explain time zone differences to dumb callers; Waite eventually admits defeat by explaining that Delta has invented a plane that can travel back in time, and this is the cause of the flight arriving before it left.

In moments like these, we can really see Waite’s mind pumping away. If he can focus his material and polish up the rough edges, we can look forward to a lot of laughs from him in the future.

You can snag yourself a copy of Dave Waite’s Kaboom on iTunes. Just click here to start downloading.

Daniel Berkowitz

Daniel Berkowitz is a Los Angeles-based graduate student focused on nonfiction writing, popular culture and advancing standup comedy's place in the academic realm. He's currently working on a book about how comedy affects democracy. He also really likes baseball.

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