• David Wain brings “Wainy Days” web series to the stage at Just For Laughs

    MONTREAL — Comedian and director David Wain’s popular web series, Wainy Days, has long been a comedy anomaly amongst Internet-produced humor. Much like the defining body of Wain’s 20-year career – ranging from his days with The State and Stella on to his illustrious directorial path – the Wainy Days series is irreverent and strange; charming and disarming while still providing enough schlocky shock humor to keep the college crowd coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths. Although the show is ostensibly about Wain’s attempts to meet women in New York, it’s really more about the man himself, who seems to view the world through a lens tinted by all things wonderfully whacky and bizarre.

    Anybody who has spent more than 15 seconds with me is readily familiar with my mega devotion to all things State and Stella related, but I must admit I didn’t come in to the Wainy Days live show really knowing what to be prepared for. How exactly would a web series filmed on the streets of New York City be able to translate to an enclosed auditorium with limited performance space? However, by the show’s conclusion, I was glad that I hadn’t walked in with any expectations, because what we all got treated to was a frisky and fun slice of creative comedy well outside the realm of what the mere human mind could construe on its own.

    In between clips from the actual series, Wain and friends – including roast-master Jeffrey Ross, the adorable duo Garfunkel and Oates, rockin’ Rob Corddry (yup, that’s what I call him), and Wain’s own real-life wife, actress Zandy Hartig – performed a couple musical numbers (with lyrical content that mostly revolved around Wain’s penis), filled out a mad libs page with suggestions from the audience, and just generally engaged in an hour-long romp of delightful, infectious fun. Wain’s was the only show I attended which wasn’t also directly related to stand-up, and it was kind of refreshing to witness a creative comedy outlet executed in such an imaginative and enjoyable manner. And frankly, I couldn’t have asked for a better note to part company with Just For Laughs on.

    Emma Kat Richardson

    Emma Kat Richardson is a Detroit native and freelance writer living in Austin, Texas. Her work has appeared in xoJane.com, Bitch, Alternative Press, Real Detroit Weekly, 944, and Bust.com. She’s enough of a comedy nerd and cat lady to have named her Maine Coon Michael Ian Cat. Follow her on twitter: @emmakat.

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