• Denis Leary putting out book of tweets; good Twitter comedians are not

    Denis Leary is adding to the already giant stack of books written by comedians in 2010.

    In what feels like a strictly money making project, the comedian and actor has compiled his funnier tweets, had someone create illustrations around some of them and packaged them in hardcover book form. Though in his defense, in his web video promoting the book (see below) he does admit it’s more of a “comedy pamphlet.”

    We’re not bashing Denis for trying to make an easy few hundred thousand dollars, it just makes us sad that comedians who have turned tweeting into an art form cannot – because they’re low on brand identity – release their own, funnier books of tweets. What we’re saying is that Leary’s tweets are fine, but are not regularly compelling, engaging or even overly funny.

    Plus, as of the time of this post, the dude has only tweeted 307 times. For the time being, we’re going to start making our own books – kindergarten project style – of our fave tweeters: keep a look out for construction paper stapled together versions of books by Eddie Pepitone, Eugene Mirman, Rob Delaney, Morgan Murphy, Michael Ian Black and Doug Benson. By the way: of the comedians we just mentioned, the average tweet total is 3,555 each.

    Nonetheless, Leary’s 112-page book, Suck On This Year: LYFAO @ 140 Characters or Less is out Dec. 2.

    We named a few of our favorite comedian tweeters. Now, who would you like to see release a book of tweets?

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