• Did Apple not know about this MadTV sketch before launching the iPad?

    So tech heads — Mac-heads, especially — the world over yesterday enjoyed a non-sexual (hopefully) orgasm when Apple honcho Steve Jobs paraded out his newest evil monster toy. As we’re sure you all know, it’s called the iPad; you see, it looks like a note pad but acts exactly like an iPod Touch.

    By the way, we at Punchline Magazine, love Apple products; we use them– a lot. However, we also know what a hype and packaging machine the company is. And so did MadTV three years ago. We’re not saying every major tech company should watch hundreds of hours of comedy video before naming and releasing their newest products, but a superficial search would’ve found the below parody.

    What this comes down to, is that Apple has no respect for the power of MadTV. If Saturday Night Live had done a similar sketch, we bet Jobs and company would’ve thought a little harder about the new device’s moniker. Or Not. It’s just a thought. Regardless, enjoy this now-classic sketch featuring Arden Myrin and Daniele Gaither.

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