• Did Jimmy Kimmel buy the naked Bea Arthur painting for comedian Jeff Ross? (Poll)

    Over the weekend, a fun little comedian controversy played out. It involves Jimmy Kimmel, Jeffrey Ross and a nude painting of the late, great Golden Girls star Bea Arthur. The painting was purchased for $1.9 million at auction recently, but the buyer’s identity wasn’t revealed—that is, until Ross thanked Kimmel for the painting via Twitter and included a photo of himself holding said work of art.

    Jeff Ross edited

    And Kimmel seemingly confirmed what Ross said.


    But then came this follow-up from the Jimmy Kimmel Live host.

    Ross followed up with this.


    Ross hasn’t deleted his original thank you Tweet to Kimmel or an additional photo showing what looks like a note from Kimmel to Ross, referencing a joke Ross told in 2005 about Sandra Bernhard – “I wouldn’t fuck you with Bea Arthur’s dick.” – during the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson. Of course, Kimmel could’ve sent Ross a replica of the painting, but as of this writing, the “real” buyer hasn’t come forward.

    kimmel note

    So, given what you know, what do you think?

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