‘Documentary’ on Patrice O’Neal is perfect for true fans (Video)

A nearly 50-minute video chronicling the last few years of late comedian Patrice O’Neal’s career has surfaced. Labeled as a documentary online, it’s closer to a tribute, as it features dozens of clips of audio commentary from comedian friends like Jim Norton, Louis C.K., Robert Kelly, Dane Cook, and more, but doesn’t delve much into the comedian’s life, nor does it include new interviews conducted expressly for the project.

Produced by Brandon Farley of Mischief Maker Productions and culled from episodes of Opie and Anthony, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and footage from Comedy Central, HBO and beyond, the video is an excellent gift for true fans of O’Neal. The uploader, an unnamed YouTube user from the UK (not Farley) who doesn’t explain his involvement in the project, makes it clear that Farley and himself don’t profit from the video. “We are just fans of Patrice and want to raise awareness of the album Mr P available to buy on iTunes. The money from your purchase supports Patrice’s family,” he writes, adding that he’s prepping a new site KingPatrice.com to further honor O’Neal’s career.

It was wise for the uploader to point out his and Farley’s intentions, since there’s tons of footage lifted presumably without permission from the aforementioned original sources. In fact, the tribute begins with a video interview I conducted with Patrice months before his death. You can watch the entire thing below. Enjoy!

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Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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