• Donald Glover launches interactive comedy tour, releases new rap video

    donald glover

    Do you want to know what it’s like to be Donald Glover? Well, his new nationwide tour will get us a little closer to understanding the Donald Glover experience

    The IAMDONALD Tour is an interactive event involving live music, comedy and videos, as well as Glover’s rapping alter ego, Childish Gambino. More specifically, as Glover describes it, “IAMDONALD is about not letting people define you. A lot of my fans tweet or email me saying how they like that I do a lot of things and are held back by people saying ‘You’re a writer. Why are you acting?’ or ‘You can’t rap about the show Rugrats.’ I say ‘Fuck that.’ That’s pretty much the show.”

    I know I’ll be sold if and when he starts rapping about Reptar and the Pickles family.

    Want to attend? The tour runs from April 16 to May 19 in pretty much every major city in the country, and tickets go on sale on March 4. Check out iamdonald.com for details.

    And, if you can’t wait that long for your Glover fix, he’ll be on Lopez Tonight on March 8th and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on April 6th. And, well, he’ll be on Community all the time.

    If you can’t wait for those things, just watch his newly-released rap video below. Enjoy!

    Freaks and Geeks from Donald Glover on Vimeo.

    Carrie Andersen

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