• Doug Stanhope’s Podcast joins Bill Burr, Al Madrigal’s All Things Comedy podcast network

    all things comedyThe staunchly independent stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope is bringing his podcast, simply named Doug Stanhope’s Podcast, to the All Things Comedy network. It only goes to show how much Stanhope believes in  the by-comics-for-comics nature of the podcasting network founded by Bill Burr and Al Madrigal. Full disclosure, the Laughspin Podcast is also on the All Things Comedy network, where Stanhope will join Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, Madrigal’s Minivan Men podcast and 40 others. “I love Stanhope,” says Burr. “I’ve known him for almost 20 years and he’s always been as hilarious as he is honest. I’m thrilled he’s joining ATC.”

    Madrigal is also pleased with the new recruit. “Considering how independent Stanhope has been throughout his career, we are honored to be adding him to the hippy dippy co-op family of ATC comedians and comedy writers.” The former Man Show host and his loyal fans will fit in with the vibe of the ATC community, which focuses on content over profit. “People are freaking out about how to ‘monetize’ all this digital comedy content and in the process are taking advantage of the comedians and fans because someone’s salary and new office space depend on it,” the Daily Show correspondent continued. “We’re starting ATC the same way we started our comedy careers: concentrating on being funny and [letting] the business end all fall into place. The only difference is now we all own the business.”

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    Billy Procida

    Laughspin editor-in-chief Billy Procida is a stand-up comedian in New York City. He hosts The Manwhore Podcast where he talks to women he's hooked up with about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out. Reach him on Twitter.

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