• Download the new 8-bit ‘Community’ video game inspired by the show’s finale

    So, this shouldn’t be too surprising — someone on Reddit actually made the video game, Journey To the Center Of Hawkthorne, from the Community episode finale “Digital Estate Planning.” Sure, it was only a matter of time, but it’s pretty impressive that the turnaround was this quick.

    The game looks a lot like the TV version and has a really cool 8-bit version of Community‘s theme song. You can choose to play any of the main characters plus some additional ones like Pillow Man, Constable Reggie, or Brittasaurus Rex. It functions just like Super Mario World in that the only action your character can perform is to run, jump, and stomp on baddies.

    Journey To the Center of Hawkthorne is still a little buggy but the team behind it is very dedicated, putting out updates every day which you can download. While the game is still in its early stages and is aesthetically accurate, some details are not totally consistent with the original made-for-TV game (when characters get hit by hippies in the library, they are supposed to turn red and a “-1” sign should appear over their head, notes one user). Also, it should be noted that there is no death function in the game (not by hippies and not by jumping off cliffs, at least).

    You can download the game and test it out yourself via this Reddit thread. It’s pretty cool!

    Samantha Simon

    Samantha is a writer, musician, person living in New York City. She enjoys cooking and talking about her mom. Follow her on Twitter: @smoochiecoochie.

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