• Dream team of SNL presidents turns up on Funny or Die

    It’s the interior of the White House, the president’s bedroom. It’s night. Gerald Ford stumbles in. He’s befuddled. He prat falls onto a table. “Live from New York…”

    But this is no Saturday Night Live sketch. History has come alive on Funny or Die in an exclusive, star-studded video. Rather than mince words, let me cut to the chase.

    • Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford
    • Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter
    • Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan
    • Dana Carvey as George HW Bush
    • Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton
    • Will Ferrell as George W. Bush
    • Fred Armisen as Barack Obama
    • Maya Rudolph as Michelle Obama

    Put Ron Howard in charge (or as in charge as anyone could be with this bunch) and get them going on a politically charged cause (creating a Consumer Finance Protection Agency for credit card and bank regulation), and there you have Funny or Die’s “Presidential Reunion.” If the Kings of Comedy were humor’s equivalent of a supergroup, then this is its “We Are the World.”

    It’s not necessarily funny, though it’s got a few crack-up lines (“As George Washington once said to John Adams…”). It’s more worthwhile for the sweet nostalgia and impressive all-in-one-place cast.

    So far the precedent-setting, presidential clip (above) is accompanied by a quick Behind the Scenes montage (below) and an extended version of Dana Carvey’s dream sequence (even more below). Knowing FOD, there are more extras to come.

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