Eddie Murphy did NOT perform stand-up at the Comedy Store last night

Despite, multiple reports implying he did Eddie Murphy did not make a return to stand-up comedy for the first time in over 25 years last night. Murphy didn’t perform at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles on Thursday night– but that didn’t stop a flurry of excited Twitter users and Web sites to report it anyway. It all started when Arsenio Hall tweeted out the following:


Arsenio is addressing Eddie Murphy, you guys. Arsenio is saying that he (Arsenio) just went onstage. And then he urges Eddie to do the same: “Come on and Take 5 one nite.” ALSO, Eddie’s publicist just confirmed with Laughspin that Eddie didn’t perform. Also, Arsenio has removed the Tweet. The Humor Mill has since updated their own story explaining that Arsenio simply called Murphy to the stage, Murphy said hi and that was it. Though we’re still finding even that hard to believe seeing as not one tweet from the audience seems to have surfaced about it. And why would Arsenio tweet to Eddie if he was just with Eddie in the same room?

Even though Eddie Murphy didn’t hit the stage last night, he’s been plenty busy. He was recently cast to play Richard Pryor’s father in the upcoming biopic starring Mike Epps as the legendary Bicentennial Nigger comedian. Years ago, he was even in the running to play Pryor himself.

He has teased a return to stand-up for years. It seems like every once in a while he hints at a stand-up revival. “Some days I’m like, it’s right there, I’m going to do it tomorrow,” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly back in 2011. “But then the other side of it is…I’ll see a show with comedians and they talk about me favorably with people like Richard [Pryor], Lenny Bruce, all those guys…so it’s kind of like, why fuck with that?” He’s always claimed to still write jokes and he’s known for keeping up with the current comedy scene, allegedly watching all of the new Comedy Central stand-up specials from the country’s latest rising comedy talents.

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Billy Procida

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