Eddie Murphy’s Mr. Church Oscar bid: Will end up urinating on stage if Academy waits too long

Eddie Murphy in Mr. ChurchEddie Murphy is gunning for Oscar gold, accidentally. Critics are buzzing that the 35-year Hollywood veteran’s latest role in the drama Mr. Church, is his best shot at the gold since he was nominated for Dreamgirls in 2006. But Murphy says it’s kind of a happy coincidence. “I was literally not even thinking about movies at all, other than writing. I wrote a bunch of stuff, but I wasn’t reading anything,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was in the backyard just enjoying the yard, and this popped up out of nowhere and I had a really strong emotional response to it. I never did anything like this. It was something I could do where there was no pressure at all because there was no expectation because this isn’t a funny thing.”

Many critics thought the 2006 supporting actor Oscar gold was as good as his, after a dominant run of winning the Golden Globe, SAG, and Critics’ Choice awards for his Dreamgirls role, but it was a run that ultimately ended with a loss to Alan Arkin, who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Little Miss Sunshine. While Mr. Churchhis latest movie, may not have been a calculated move executed by his brand managers, Murphy says it would be nice to be recognized by the Academy.

“I have a table all ready where [the Oscar] would look great,” he laughed. “Eventually they’re gonna have to give me [an honorary Oscar] — I already did 35 years in movies, eventually y’all gonna have to give me something. And if y’all wait til I’m 85,90, I’m gonna come out a 90-year-old dude, in a sky-blue tuxedo — and I’m gonna walk out and when they give me the award and they hand it to me, I’m just gonna stand there and urinate on myself in front of the world — the whole world — and just stand there. And then they’re gonna have to play that music and then they’ll have to usher me off. That’s gonna be my moment. Don’t make me wait!”

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Teresa Sheffield

Teresa Sheffield is a NYC-based comedian, writer, producer, director, and actress. You can find her regularly performing stand-up all over the city including Gotham Comedy Club, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, and Broadway Comedy Club. Teresa runs the comedy production company, Chepookah Productions, and got her start in television working in production at the Fox Business Network on Imus in the Morning, Strange Inheritance: Unpacked, FBN:am, and Making Money w/ Charles Payne.

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