Ellen DeGeneres, Lauren Graham team up for ‘Kate On Later’

Ellen DeGeneres teaming up with Lauren GrahamGilmore Girls actress Lauren Graham will not be kept off of television! Ellen DeGeneres’s company A Very Good Production is developing a new comedy series to star Graham after NBC’s Parenthood wraps up its sixth and final season. NBC is working with DeGeneres’s team to develop Kate On Later which revolves around the late-night controversy during the most recent game of Musical Talk Show Host Chairs. As David Letterman announced his retirement, many hoped for a female late-night host to succeed him on Late Show. When big names like Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres herself were passed over for Stephen Colbert, two more opportunities presented themselves: Colbert’s 11:30 pm slot on Comedy Central and the Late Late Show seat (when Craig Ferguson and CBS announced they would part ways amidst the turnover). But Colbert Report will be replaced by Larry Wilmore and The Nightly Show. CBS decided to replace an old white Scottish dude with a younger Scottish dude in James Corden. For the record, Jay Leno is still not coming back to The Tonight Show (but will host his own show on CNBC)

Kate On Later would star Lauren Graham as a woman who thought her day job was all her life would amount to when an opportunity arises that’s bigger than she ever dreamed of. The glass ceiling she’ll have to breakthrough, however, is in the world of late-night network talk shows. Graham co-writes the script commitment with He’s Just Not That Into You scribe Liz Tuccillo. Ellen DeGeneres will executive produce. Whether or not a show like this is meant to see airtime or if it’s just a way to reignite the conversation about gender equality on television won’t be determined until pilot orders go underway later this winter.

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Billy Procida

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