• Emma Stone brings together two types of viewers on Saturday Night Live

    All told, this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Emma Stone, did an admirable job of bridging the gap between “Emma who?”-viewers and fans of the teen-geared flicks the young actress is known for.

    After introducing herself and her work, Stone quickly concentrated on the niche she’s carved for herself as a good-looking geek magnet, earning plenty of chuckles turning down offers to make out with nerded-up Keenan Thompson, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg. The icing, however, came from Taran Killam and Bobby Moynahan as Stone’s “Superbad” co-stars Michael Cera and Jonah Hill.

    The same dual-audience appeal was even more evident in a Headline News sketch. Anchor Nasim Pedrad introduces a Dangerous Teen Fads segment, cutting to Hader as the clueless on-the-scene correspondent Peter DeSantos. Stone plays a rational teen interviewee and Wiig wigs out as an irrational parent. So, what’s the shocking truth about “souping,” “trampolining” and “skyping?” Watch to find out.

    On The View, timely topics like the Bill O’Reilly walkout and bullying were simply stagesetters for Stone’s entrance as Lindsay Lohan. It was a role that Stone needed to play before the night was over, and she nailed the impression. The way the writers worked it in kept the show and the actress maybe too far on the safe side of not appearing bullyish themselves, but was still funny enough.

    A few non-Stone bits warrant mention, as well.

    Mixing adorable, twisted, imaginative and hilarious, an early-in-the-show fauxmmercial was a true team win. Wiig and Hader as parents, Thompson, Pedrad and Vanessa Bayer as guests and Jason Sudeikis as narrator, along with genuinely inspired concept and writing all worked together to make Baby Spanx viral-worthy.

    New York City correspondent Stefon was, as always, a laugh-inducer. Hader broke character mid-bit, turning so-so-serious hipster Stefon into an uncontrollable giggler, and it only made the whole thing funnier. I’m just waiting for the club that finally answers the question “When is Lorne going to bring these one-word-named freakshow hotspots to life with a Stefon movie?”

    John Mulaney returned to the desk, as well, this time with a new, positive segment called “I Love It.” To be concise, and lazy, I’ll simply quote Seth Meyers and say, “We love him.”

    Speaking of John’s we love…Jon Hamm returns to host SNL for the third time in next week’s Halloween weekend episode, and Rihanna makes her second appearance as musical guest. Will we get a little “Disturbia,” perhaps?

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