Eugene Mirman on bringing festival to Boston: I don’t want to just sell out to any urinal company (Video)

There’s been a recent surge in famous people using Kickstarter to fund their pet projects, and the trend is receiving quite a bit of backlash. But before you swear off donating to someone you’ve seen on television, consider helping Eugene Mirman bring his Brooklyn-based Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival to Boston this summer. And keep in mind, Mirman’s been producing his festival since 2008 and has used Kickstarter before to help bolster the quality of said festival. And as he says in the pitch video below, “I don’t want to just sell out to any urinal company.” Seeing how easily Zach Braff raised $3.1 million dollars, Mirman should be able to raise $5,000 no problem. Hopefully.

Check out this stellar pitch video below and/or visit the festival’s fundraising page and give a few bucks if you can and help keep sub-par urinal companies away from the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival this summer.

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Sonia Weiser

Sonia Weiser (@weischoice) has neither fame or fortune, but aspires to be a full time writer of humorous material (which will undoubtedly not lead to those two things). Right now, she's probably tweeting as someone else or waiting for new podcasts to download. Possibly drinking coffee and wondering whether or not she should do laundry this weekend.

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