• Exclusive: Colin Quinn joking in Will Ferrell drug tweets; “the media owes me an apology”

    For the last few weeks, Colin Quinn’s twitter feed has mostly included offensive rants on his part, and re-tweets of his followers calling him a has-been or declaring their plan to unfollow him. But yesterday, Quinn seemed to really piss off a lot of people and made otherwise serious media outlets post stories about his feed, implying that Quinn was being serious in his tweets.

    “What heinous thing could he have done?” you might be asking. Well … Quinn declared that Will Ferrell is into drugs. He also went on to claim that Ferrell stole the idea for Anchorman from him, as well as plenty of other pieces during their years at together at Saturday Night Live.

    Keep in mind, that Quinn also fired out pro-Gadaffi tweets on the heels of the dictator’s assassination. The point is this, folks: The man is joking. But we had to ask Quinn if he could at least understand how people could take his tweets seriously. “No, I don’t,” he told Laughspin today. “I understand that sarcasm doesn’t come through on Twitter. A 16-year-old might not get irony. But people in New York City at media outlets probably should know.”

    The story of Quinn’s tweets went much further than New York, though, as the Hollywood Reporter picked it up and UK’s Daily Mail even posted an exhaustive feature on the situation. And late yesterday, his friend, comedian Nick DiPaolo mentioned on his Twitter feed that Quinn had lost 5,000 followers yesterday.

    Quinn tells us that Ferrell’s management, who called him yesterday, understood that it was a joke but still asked him to tone it down, since they had to field dozens of calls asking Ferrell for a response. So, does Quinn feel he owes the people an apology? “No! I feel like the media outlets need to apologize to me for running with a bullshit story.”

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