• Following meltdown and recent arrest, Katt Williams freaks out onstage in Oakland (Videos)

    When we last left Katt Williams on Thursday he had just been released from an East Oakland jail cell after getting arrested for allegedly breaking a bottle over a guy’s head. The investigation is still pending. The next night, he had a show at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. Much like his Nov. 1 performance in Denver – where he babbled incoherently and left the stage when he got heckled – Friday’s show was another example of what is increasingly becoming a typical Katt Williams show. And the comedian’s antics have not gone unnoticed to those outside of the stand-up comedy world. During this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, castmember Jay Pharoah portrayed Williams during Weekend Update. You can watch the segment below.

    Back to Friday’s show: According to audience accounts online, Williams took the stage about 10:40 pm, delivered nearly 10 minutes of jokes and then took his shirt off. He began his closing bit and then left the stage. Approximately 15 minutes later, Williams took the stage again. That’s when things got weird(er).

    Videos online (one is below) show Williams sitting on a stool wearing a long jacket and a winter hat, sweating profusely and smoking a cigarette. At one point, he approaches the stage’s edge to confront a heckler, who he encourages to jump the barricade so that he can physically fight Katt onstage. Eventually, a few large men, presumably security guards, force Williams off the stage.

    Before that, however, Williams had a lot to say, some of which I’ve transcribed below:

    My only job as a comedian is to tell the truth, so I tell it as best as I can. If they like it, fine. If they don’t like it, fine. If they put me in jail, fine. But when I get out, fine. I don’t give a fuck what they do. I eat good, black pussy and I read a big black bible and I keep a big black pistol, next to two big black dogs and I got some black friends and a black God, who I worship.

    In the name of Jehovah and in the name of his son Jesus Christ, in the name of the Holy Spirit, the Arc Angels and everyone that says Satan ain’t shit, ain’t never been shit. On behalf of the Muslims, on behalf of the pussy niggas in here right now who are only here to hate further, I hope one day you get big enough, so that somebody can hate on you.

    I said I wasn’t going to do this show if those motherfuckers put me in jail, and I let them put me in jail, and I did my motherfucking show, anyway. So,now. I need you all to look around and know that there’s still some booing niggas in here, with all we’ve been through. You can never please everybody.

    As part of the non-joke-telling portion of his show in Oakland, Williams wiped his sweat with an American flag and began a monologue loosely centered around his 17-year-old son and his days living in the Bay Area, which you can watch below. A transcription follows.

    When he was 3-years-old I used to push him in the stroller from Jack Longon Square to all the way where Berkley was not just because we didn’t have enough money for the BART, but because we only worked at night and so we had all day long. We lived on top of a doughnut shop on Telegraph. And we’d go to Geoffrey’s Inner Circle and I’d perform there. And then my friend Rodney Perry… my nigga Rodney Perry; it was me, Rodney Perry, Tess, [inaudible] the player of comedy Rest in peace, and we was looking up to Luenell and Miss Laura and Don ‘DC’ Curry and Mark Curry from Hangin with Mr. Cooper and Too Short and [inaudible] and E-40 and [inaudible]. And the think we liked about Oakland is that there’s only two type of black people in Oakland. One hundred percent pussy ass niggas or 100 percent real motherfucking niggas. And that’s all there is. And the white people in Oakland are different than white people anywhere. Im’ma prove it to you. You can go to any state…

    Williams is then interrupted by an audience member, who, presumably says ‘fuck you.’

    And fuck you too, nigga. If you really mean it why don’t you get your pussy ass up here and they can watch me knock your ass out. How dare you say ‘fuck you,’ pussy. Bring it up here. If you hear someone say ‘fuck you, Katt’ next to you, get ready to point them out. Hey, turn on the lights. Point me in the direction. Why won’t you come this way?

    A guard tells Williams it’s not worth it.

    What ain’t worth it? This ain’t your show, this is my show. It’s always worth it to woop a puss as nigga’s ass. That’s what I do in my off time. I ain’t got no day job. Hey, pussy niggas. If I’m locked up I can’t get you. But if I’m free and you got dick on your breath and you ain’t in San Francisco, I punch this [inaudible]. If the dick is on your mouth, I’ll put punch you in your mouth. If you got a dick on your shirt, I’ll punch your shirt. If it smells like dick on your shoulders, I’ll punch you in your shoulders. A pussy nigga’s always a pussy, even if he says ‘fuck you, Katt.’ If Katt says, ‘Come here,’ he won’t. Why? He’s a pussy. If he was a real motherfucker, he would’ve hit me while I was walking around the crowd. But I’ll be outside in the parking lot, motherfucker… Back to the jokes. Thank you. I might not be the man. But I’m not Kevin Hart, neither.

    A request to Katt’s agent for comment was not immediately returned this morning. Williams has nine more shows scheduled on his Ghetto National Convention tour; his next show is slated for this Friday at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento. Tickets, ranging from $33 to $97 before fees, are still available. A 15-minute version of William onstage in Oakland can be seen here.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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