• Former Comedy Central executive is developing a new sketch comedy show for NBC, nationwide talent search begins

    Teaming up with former Comedy Central senior VP of original programming Lou Wallach (pictured), NBC — the network that has housed Saturday Night Live for nearly 38 years — is developing a second sketch comedy series. Little is known about NBC’s specific plans, but it seems the network is hoping to create a franchise similar to that of SNL, so that the future sketch stars can populate NBC’s more traditional comedy series, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which adds that a nationwide search for up-and-coming talent clubs such as the Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City and The Improv. The move has likely everything to do with NBC’s constant struggling comedy ratings. While the network is known for its creative and critically acclaimed series — see Community and Parks and Recreation (the only two returning comedies for NBC) — none of its sitcoms come close to the viewership Fox, ABC and, especially CBS enjoys.

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    Jodi Guglielmi

    Jodi Guglielmi is an aspiring comedy and magazine writer finishing up her undergraduate degree in Journalism. She plans on moving to New York after graduation to work and live happily in her one bedroom apartment with six other people.

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