• Former Nissan whistleblower begins stand-up career; but does she have what it takes?

    sharyn150One of the best parts of comedy has always been satire. As long as we have gaffe-prone politicians and public figures, we will always have a team of comedians standing by, ready to dive into a treasure trove of comedy material.

    Sharyn Bovat, a one-time relocation consultant for Nissan, is now nestling into her new career as one such comic. he self-described “whistle blower” has been arrested on three separate occasions (for criminal trespassing and the like) this year for what she believes is “retaliation for her whistle blowing against what she calls a deep rooted ‘Good Ole Boy’ network that dominates the politically conservative community,” according to a press release.

    Now in an effort to help pay her legal bills and exercise her freedom of speech, Bovat is taking up comedy and will debut her original act Nov. 17 at Zanies in Nashville, after having completed the Rik Roberts School of Laughs course. She describes her style as “a fusion of a ranty/whiny Lewis Black with a little of bit of ‘Lampanelli language,’” but she says she owes her true inspiration to 84-year-old comic Don Rickles.

    That said, check out this clip of her performing this past Election Day. Granted she’s by no means a seasoned comedienne, but Bovat shows some promise, if only for her comfortable stage presence and ability to generate at least a few good laughs.

    To read more about Sharyn Bovat, check out her website at thestealthskirt.com.

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