• Friends From College gets awkward in Season 2 trailer (Video)

    Friends from College is coming back for its second season January 11 and Netflix has released a new trailer for the show.

    In the first season of the Netflix original series, a group of friends from Harvard now in their early 40s must navigate the difficulties of adult life. When an affair between two members of the clique is exposed, it throws the friend group into chaos.

    While the first season garnered a slew of less-than-favorable reviews, the show features an impressive cast including Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Billy Eichner, Nat Faxon, and Fred Savage. The trailer features more from Eichner who was a recurring guest in the first season and whose performance was a bright spot for many critics of the show.

    The second season will jump forward one year after the events of the first season and will revolve around the friend group being forced to spend time together in the lead up to Max (Savage) and Felix’s (Eichner) wedding. From the trailer, the new season starts with no one hearing from Key’s estranged wife Lisa (Smulders) until she reappears at an engagement party.

    The show is based on the events from the real lives of showrunners Nicholas Stoller and his wife Francesca Delbanco. Stoller had a successful 2018 after selling four different new comedy TV shows to CBS, ABC, and Fox.

    The trailer also teases the addition of Sarah Chalke who will be joining the cast as a recurring guest star.

    You can watch the full trailer below.

    Rosa Escandon

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