• Futurama gets apocalyptic and political in second and third episodes of season 7 (Spoilers)

    In episode two of Comedy Central’s Countdown to Futurama podcast, creator Matt Groening, David X. Cohen (executive producer) and co-executive producers Patrick Verone and Josh Weinstein share some more details about the upcoming seventh season of the hit animated series. We already learned that episode one includes Bender grappling with fatherhood. Let’s look at what’s going down in episodes two and three.

    The Planet Express team prepares for Doomsday in the season’s second episode “A Farewell to Arms.” In 3012, the Martian calendar predicts the world to end, promising “fires, earthquakes, and shark-splosions.”

    By 3012 Earth has already seen another Ice Age, a millennium of alien attacks and the second coming of Jesus. It should be interesting to see what finally brings down the people of Earth. According to some of the stills that the Futurama crew shares, the prediction looks to be a lot more accurate than the Mayan calendar’s 2012 end of the world predictions.

    Oh, and hey, Nine is back!

    The end of the world comes at a bad time for Fry and Leela, who happen to be celebrating their prom in episode two (huh?).

    Futurama gets political in episode 3, “Decision 3012.” Longtime President of Earth Richard Nixon runs for re-election for his fourth term in the 3012 presidential race, amongst a crowded field of unpromising candidates (including a trailing-off female candidate from Alaska who might seem weirdly familiar).

    Leela becomes the campaign manager for Chris Travers, a candidate who seems a lot more reasonable than the others but has no “Earth certificate.” And, now check out a clip from “Decision 3012” below. And remember that the new season premieres June 20 at 10 pm EST on Comedy Central with a special one-hour episode!

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