• Gangnam Style reaches Berlin with launch of Ampleman store (Sponsored video)

    There’s been a seemingly endless stream of Gangnam Style parodies ever since South Korean rapper PSY (aka Park Jae-sang) released the video through YouTube on July 15. It makes sense, seeing as the clip, which features his giddy-up horsey-type dance moves, has garnered 200 million views each month, ultimately making it the most popular viral video of all time with more than one billion total views.

    Some parodies are awful; some are great. But the one we’re about to show you here is the only one we’ve seen that gives you a tour of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world—Berlin. This parody also comes with a cool history lesson, which begins in East Germany in 1961 when traffic psychologist Karl Peglau established the Ampelman– brightly lit, quirky characters that adorned city street lights to help ensure pedestrians wouldn’t get mowed down by busy motorists.

    And although the Ampelman still exists they do so in far fewer numbers, which is why some industrious, creative folks established the Ampelmann shop, which includes more than 500 products adorned with the symbol of German history.

    Although the Ampelmann might not mean a great deal to us in the States, you’d have to admit that donning one of their sleek track jackets or sporting one their cool winter caps would make you feel more in the know than other fashion-forward folks in New York City, Los Angeles and every hip city in between!

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