• Gary Gulman shares 100th comedy tips on Twitter

    Gary Gulman doing stand-up comedyIf you’ve ever dreamt of Gary Gulman coaching you on your stand-up routine, you’re in luck! The veteran comedian has been sharing his secrets and posting comedy tips on Twitter every day this year. The nuggets of wisdom include advice on how to combat stage fright, the importance of leaving your house when working on a set, and how using “bitch” may guarantee a laugh—but doesn’t help you stand out. On Monday, he tweeted his 100th stand-up comedy tip.

    Gulman first posted about his plan on December 30. “Starting January 1 I am going to give one joke writing tip each day. I can’t promise they will be effective but they will have worked for me,” he wrote.

    “Most of the tips will be for people who have been doing Standup for a month or more. Also, feel free to ask questions about writing jokes and I will do my best to answer them.”

    The tweets have gained a following of their own and sparked conversations around best practices for writing good jokes and succeeding at stand-up. They have also earned Gulman a lot of praise. “I thoroughly enjoy your tips. Better than paying $300 to go to a “comedy class” at a club, hosted by the club manager, who doesn’t actually do stand up, but promises to put ya up and never does,” said comedian and radio host Robb Show.

    Other comedians chimed in to share their own stories and mishaps, hoping others can avoid the same mistakes. “Never write your set list in red ink! Most clubs have red lights. You’ll never see it. Learned that the hard way the first time I ever headlined. Trial by fire,” said comedian Felicia Michaels.

    The Boston-bred stand-up knows how to make an audience laugh, and is now using his experience to nurture upcoming comedians in the field. His advice has become a source of study and guidance for many and he published tip number 100 on Monday. There’s no telling how many he will do, but aspiring comedians will be hungry to read them all.

    Go follow Gulman on Twitter and check out the whole thread!

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