• Gary Gulman: All I Want for Chanukah is Christmas

    Gary GulmanNothing harkens the heart to Christmas like colorful lights, Carolers and a Jewish child’s seething jealousy. When Gary Gulman was asked, “What do you want for Chanukah?” He answered, “Christmas!” Lucky for the rest of the world, that childhood longing was scarring enough to spawn a comedy career and the recording of the album All I want for Chanukah is Christmas.

    In this follow up to the very funny Conversations with Inanimate Objects album, Gary gives the listener the gift of his adroit wit and wonderfully neurotic attention to detail, while tackling the age old battle between Christians and Jews over who has the better holiday.

    A nostalgia roller coaster, bringing one back to a time of wearing feet pajamas and watching holiday specials as a kid, with one bit; then giving the feeling of listening to grandpa regale you with his childhood memories with the story of the year his mom finally broke down and bought him a Christmas tree, a fake one, from Lechmere’s.

    The crackling of a needle placed on the vinyl of an old record and the sound of sleigh bells bring us into Gulman’s world and, damned if I’m not a sucker for the holidays, it honestly put me in the mood for the season.


    The bonus track is the admittedly maniacal and obsessive attention to fruit in the “Definitive” version of “The Grapefruit joke” That will have the listener, absolutely laughing and in a state of wonder that anyone would have that much to say about fruit, while still being entertaining. Gary Gulman’s All I want for Chanukah is Christmas belongs in everyone’s stocking this year.

    To buy All I Want for Chanukah is Christmas, check out garygulman.com.

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