• George Carlin: Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Kelly Carlin, Jim Norton pay tribute (Exclusive video)

    Dave Attell at George Carlin WayGeorge Carlin way became a reality in New York City yesterday, thanks to the work of comedian Kevin Bartini, his team and thousands of supporters. Laughspin was lucky enough to be at the ceremony where hundreds of fans, friends and comedians gathered to pay tribute to the iconic comedian who died in 2008. We had the chance to chat with George’s daughter Kelly Carlin as well as Bartini, Dave Attell, Robert Klein, Judah Friedlander, Gilbert Gottfried, Colin Quinn and Jim Norton.

    “Carlin never seemed to respect the line in the sand his audience drew,” Jim Norton told Laughspin. “That’s why I love him the most. He never allowed the possibility of losing the audience to stop him from going into a material idea.”

    And Kelly Carlin painted such a complete and vivid picture of life with her dad.

    “Walking the streets with my dad in the 70s was terrifying because people would shout out of windows, ‘Hey, hippie freak, go home.’ But in the 80s and the 90s and the aughts – especially when we came to New York City – policemen would stop in the middle of the street, double park their car, run to my dad and get him to sign their ticket because they loved him so much,” Carlin told Laughspin. “That was a magical thing, to see the love people had for my dad and how much he changed their life, their minds, the trajectory of their lives.”

    Check out the full video, shot and edited by Derek Scancarelli below!

    UPDATE: Check out the photo gallery! All photos by Traci Gilland. Click the thumbnails for the full size version.


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